ONE VOICE (2024)


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It’s been over 5 years since Miami released a full length album, and so much has happened since then.
My father Z’tl was Nifter in Sept 2019, Covid struck in March 2020, my daughter Ruchami got married To Naftali Turk in May 2021, we moved to Jackson, NJ in August 2022, Miami became a worldwide sensation on social media in September that year, and Israel was attacked in October 2023.
Most of the songs on this double album I composed as a result of these episodes. Next to some songs I wrote a short synapsis of how the song came about.
In addition, the last years have been a very trying time for so many of us, and I believe these songs reflect that emotion.

This is part one of the double album. Please give each song a good listen. Each song tells a different worthwhile story.
The album is being released in Miami’s 47th year, as we started in 1977. It is my fervent hope that this album will bring back the feeling we used to have when we sat together and enjoyed full albums. To sit, listen and read and take in the experience.
It is difficult to say how much longer I will continue to produce Miami albums, but suffice it to say that this album I cherish as much or more than any other of the previous 30 albums. I hope you will as well.

Enjoy and be inspired,