HALLELU Program for girls

3rd Auditions this Sunday Nov. 13 in Jackson 11am – 3pm. (close to Lakewood)
To set up a time Email: halleluprogram@gmail.com

Classes are 1 hour each.
1st Semester Starts Nov 20 – Jan 8. includes 8 sessions.
2nd semester Starts Jan 15 – March 12. includes 8 sessions.

If someone can join the first semester no later than Jan 1, and stay in the for the 2nd semester as well, they can also be in the performance.

Grand performance: Mid March. (For those in both semesters only)
Only 1st semester may be purchased separately.

Is your daughter a born performer? Does she act in the living room, dance down the hall or sing in the kitchen?
Shoshana Begun, brings her years of experience and expertise to the world of Sunday programs with Hallelu! – geared to talented girls aged 9 to 14.
What a wonderful opportunity to give your daughter, allowing her to hone her talents and then proudly sharing her success in a beautiful end of 2nd semester grand public performance.
Be a part of something special in a Frum Toradik environment. (Under no conditions will any video be posted online.)

Separate classes for Drama, Dance and Song. Prices are for the first 8 week semester or both semesters. Special pricing for multiple classes listed. Payment options available.
Classes will be held in the Lakewood/Jackson area.
Sundays 11am – 3pm. Location to be announced.