YAVO (2008)

2008 brought a sensational, new-age update to the MBC world of performing. In the show celebrating Miami’s smash hit album “Yavo”, every choir member held their own individual microphone for the first time, taking the live singing experience to a new level. With multi-layered risers, constant movement, vibrant costumes, operatic lighting and huge dance productions, “the all New Miami Experience” was taking shape, with a formula that would power Miami forward into the next decade. Some of the hits performed at this show included “We Turn to You”, “Galeh”, “Esa Ainai”, “Ayom V’nora”, and of course “Yavo”, all presented with a fresh and vibrant excitement. Miami also performed songs off their album “Moshiach” including the title track and “Yerushalayim.”

Notable soloists: Yoshi Bender, Yair Kenig, David Herskowitz
Running Time: 1 hour 7 minutes