MIAMI 25 (2002)

In 2002, Miami Boys Choir celebrated their 25th anniversary with a historic evening at Brooklyn College. The show included showcases from the past, present and future and featured notable alumni such as Shloime Dachs, Eric Stern, Yaakov Shwekey, Nachum Stark, Johnathan Paley, Ophie Nat and Yitzy Spinner. Nachum Segal MCd and the popular “Miami Alumni” group also performed. The show featured many Miami hits off of their then most recent album “B’derech Hatorah – We Will Prevail”, such as “Vahaya Machanecha Kadosh” and “Lo Baruach Hashem”. It was during this show that a young Mordechai Shapiro famously sang “Rachem” with Yaakov Shwekey.

Notable soloists: Mordechai Shapiro, Isaac Benishai, Chanina Abromowitz
Running Time: 1 hour 13 minutes