Miami Experience 4, otherwise titled “Shiru Lo” at Brooklyn College on Chol Hamoed Pesach 1994 for four command performances. One of the most magical parts of this show was “Around the World with MBC” a spectacular song and dance production that had the choir “journey internationally” for themed performances in countries such as Mexico, China, Russia, England and Israel. A second presentation was titled “the Haggadah” as the choir and the Miami Adult Voice symphony joined together and sang songs such as “Avadim Hayinu”, “Dayeinu” and “Vehi Sheamda” in gorgeous harmony. Also at these shows, Miami performed one of their all time most widely acclaimed hits “Nekadesh” and displayed their amazing dance skills in a chassidic themed performance featuring clarinet player “Yehuda Spinner”.

Notable Guest: Shlomo Carlebach
Notable soloists: Yitzy Spinner, Oded Kariti
Running time: One hour, 23 minutes