Fresh off the release of Miami’s 1993 hit album “It’s Min Hashamayin”, the third annual Miami Experience built off of the excitement of the previous two years. With spectacular song and dance productions, the Miami Adult Voice symphony, the Miami Symphony Orchestra and a variety of special presentations, audiences of the five citywide command performances between Purim and Pesach were not disappointed. The first special presentation was titled “When Moshiach comes” and featured hit songs such as “Lo Lisa Goy”, “Ani Maamin”, “When” and “Kumt Shoin”. The second feature was called “The Early Years” in celebration of Yerachmiel Begun’s hit songs from 1973-1993 culled from his classic albums such as “Toronto Pirchei”, “Kol Solonika”, “Judaea” and of course early Miami.

Notable Guests: Yoel Sharabi, Gershon Varoba, and Avraham Rosenblum
Notable Soloists: Ari Goldwag, Oded Kariti
Running Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes